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Oenou Yi Winery

The contemporary winery “Oenou Yi” with the combination of high technology equipment and the ideal practices for quality wine-making, governs the vineyards. The devotion and dedication of both the winemakers and oenologists are entirely in line with the consistent quality of the produce. Enticing its visitors to a unique experience, they are taken on an eclectic journey into the land of Omodos.

Olympus Winery

The planting of new vineyards with new varieties of grapes has been undertaken and is part of the long term planning by ETKO to carefully create new and acceptable grape variations. With this in mind the company purchased vineyards for the planting of grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Shiraz, Chardonnay, Rieslingand Merlot. ETKO have also built a new regional winery under the name Olympus wines. This winery although set in the traditional old fashioned environs of Omodos village, boasts a state of the art factory floor for the production of quality wines using grapes harvested from the nearby vineyards. In addition there is set into the bowels of the Olympus winery an isothermic cellar, which has a maturing capacity for one million bottles of red wine.

Zenon Winery

“Zenon” winery is a family run small unit in Omodos, the center of the wine villages, known for it’s excellent wines since the ancient times. Beautiful and modern, it is fully equipped for the production and the good storage of the wine, completing this way the effort of a traditionally wine growing family, offering you superb wines! In a time where people tend to turn to quality and genuine products, “Zenon” winery exploiting it’s own vineyards, produces wines from local as well as other acclimated in Cyprus varieties, free from any finings. Visitors are welcome everyday for a tour in the winery where they can taste their wines as well as the Zivania.

Ktima Gerolemo

Ktima Gerolemo winery is located about 1 kilometer north of the village of Omodos at an altitude of 900 metres, in the heart of the wine producing area. Visitors will be guided through a modern family winery and get introduced to the principles of organic cultivation of the vine and the “secrets” of wine. Visitors are also offered wine tasting sessions and snacks while enjoying spectacular views of the valley and the vineyards.

Ktima H. Herodotou Linos Wines

Since 1825, from grandfather to grandson, the Herodotou family produces quality wines with pride and love. The time soil of the mountain Afamis, the mild climate, tradition and experience are the beginning and the end of the LINOS Winery. It’s operates with this name since 1986. The grapes that are used for the production of the Linos wines are carefully chosen only from the winery’s vineyards in the village of Omodhos, wich is famous for it’s ideal soil and climate for grape growing. Its yearly production is 200,000 bottles. Linos Winery main target the quality of the production and for that it was awarded from the ministry of agriculture and the ministry of commerce and industry as the best winery with the most quality wines in 1.

Marion Winery

Is located in the village of Omodos , an area 30 minutes from Limassol and altitude of 1000 meter above the level of sea. Omodos is well Known for its vineyards and wine for 2500 years and is most probably the best grape cultivating area in Cyprus. Marion winery has its own vineyards and with the experience of the past and the present technology we cultivate and produce a great variety of local and imported varieties of grapes.